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I took on a dental client in Youngstown Ohio.. The first month we had generated 66 leads for them. In my mind everything was going well, and I did not have a worry in the world. Before the second month started I received a phone call from the client telling me that they would not be using our angency the next month.

After I got over the initial shock I asked what was the problem?

The dentist told me that we generated 66 worthless leads, and it wasn’t worth the money.

I asked him what was he basing the judgement of his leads on? He said that the lead either made an appointment and did not show up, or they never called to schedule an appointment.

Once again I was in shock… “You mean to tell me, out of 66 people you are saying that you did not close one person?”

He responded… “That is exactly what I am saying, and why I will no longer be using your service.”

Unfortunately he did not want to hear anything I had to say, and he ended up hanging up on me.

FACT: There is no way that 66 people went through their funnel and not one person actually went to visit the dental office. I instantly knew that the problem was with the front desk.

This was a lesson learned, as well as the reason I am writing this article.



No matter what type of business it is, the front desk… A.K.A. The gatekeeper is one of the most valuable assets of the company. They know everything that is going on. They’re typically the first person a customer interacts with when making contact with your business. In my personal opinion… Dare I say it… They are the face and voice of the company.


Create a Google sheet (you can use any spreadsheet, or word processor) that looks similar to the one below.

Make sure to track the following:

  1. Phone Calls: When someone calls ask their name, and how they heard about you. Make sure to note how they heard about you. After seeing how you can help them, ask them to old on, and right before you put them on hold ask, Sir/Miss I just noticed we do not have an email address for you on file can you please give it to me now.
  2. Lead Calls In – The routine is almost the same as any other incoming call. When you get to the part where you ask them how did they hear from you and they say online, or they saw an ad on Facebook. Say… “Oh yea? What did you like about the process?”Note their response because it can be used as a testimonial on social media, and other advertisements.
  3. Outgoing Lead Calls – If you are checking your leads throughout the day, make sure to call the ones who haven’t called you. Remember they did opt-in for more information regarding what you were offering.If they do not answer the phone leave a message. Introduce yourself and congratulate them for registering for whatever your offer was. Give them the phone number to call back and schedule you appointment. Let them know that appointments are on a first come first serve bases, and your book is almost full.

Ok that’s it my friend, short and sweet. It usually takes a few days to get in the swing of the new system, but tracking your data will be well worth it.