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You have your lead system in place, and the leads are rolling in. The problem now is you are leaving leads on the table because you do not have a solid follow-up system in place.

In most businesses the responsibility of following up falls on the front desk staff.

In this article I am going to share with you my follow-up system for closing leads. The last thing that you want is a client who feels like they are just another number to you. It is crucial that you ALWAYS treat them as if they were you best friend.



As a business owner we spend so much time focusing on getting new clients, but we neglect the humanity aspect of lead generation.

The question is… Is it possible to turn your prospect into a best friend, even though they have never stepped foot in your business?

Yes! It is possible, and here’s the exact steps you will need to follow to pull it off.

  • Add a “point person” to the Thank You page. This SHOULD NOT be the business owner. Select someone from the front desk who will personally be interacting with the leads. The photo doesn’t have to be a professional photo or anything. Just make sure it is high quality. This shouldn’t be a problem since most smartphones today automatically shoot HD images.
  • Get a little Personal. Mention the name of the point person on the Thank You page. Let the prospect know who to ask for. You may also want to consider making a little thank you video. Keep it simple… Give name, let them know that you are the contact person, and that you are awaiting their call.
  • Get permission to contact lead via text message. You can easily setup your system within ClickFunnels to launch a text message follow-up. Have your point person to send a short and sweet text message to the lead to see if they’re available to talk via phone. As soon as they do, the level of intimacy is kicked up a few notches – all before they’ve stepped foot inside your office. I give you more information on this in a bit.

The important thing to note here is that we added another layer of humanity. The client now has a person that they have built rapport with. This is crucial to increasing the lifetime value of your customer.

  • Permission to Contact Text. Once a person opts-in to accept your client’s offer, they’ll receive a confirmation text message and email right away. This is pretty easy to implement, especially if you use ClickFunnels. Where this process gets a little bit different in terms of following-up is, once the “point person” is notified via text and email with information on the lead who opted in (more on this is a second.) they should reach out to the lead via a text message. Within 10 minutes is the goal to keep conversion rates high! Take a look at the template text below to get a feel for what the “point person” should say:

“Hi [Lead Name]. This is [Staff Name]. Congratulations on receiving the [Offer]. Are you free for me to call you in a couple of minutes?”

I highly suggest the “point person” doesn’t use their personal cell phone number for these efforts. You should purchase a cheap cell phone or add a line to your current plan. If all else fails, check out the Godaddy’s SmartLine. It creates a second phone number for calling and texting.

  • Qualifying Phone Call. If the lead responds to the text with a “Yes,” the “point person” should call them immediately. If you get a “Not available right now”? Respond by asking “what is the best time to schedule a call that works for you?“If the initial response is a “No”? Give it a couple of hours and try calling. You get the opportunity to vet the lead and “pre-qualify” them for additional services. It’s also a chance to verify the email used to sign-up for the offer, ensuring it’s the best one to send them new client paperwork.
  • Send Paperwork Via Email. After the phone call you should have verified the email address. Immediately email the new client the necessary paperwork. This will save them time from having to fill it out at the office.
  • Reminder Text and Phone Call. On the day of the lead’s appointment, a reminder text should be sent from the “point person,” and a reminder phone call should also be made.
  • What happens if the lead can’t be reached? If the “point person” reaches out and fails to get ahold of the lead, they should always leave a message. This can be done on a “three day on, one day off” basis. Call, text, then call again.

Below are three screenshots of scripts that I send out to my personal clients to use. Script 1, is the “Phone Scheduling Script”.

Next up is the email swipe file that I send to my private clients. This is the email that you send to them after your initial contact:


Look at this next script as more of a ToDo list for the “Day of The Appointment”.

Well here we go again my friend… I hope you have found the information that I have shared with you to be valuable.