All videos are sample videos unless otherwise stated in the video description. Some videos may require customized text from you, while other videos may require an image file such as your logo. All images should be in a PNG format. If for some reason you do not know what that is, no worries, I will convert it for you.

Here’s how the magic works… You choose the video that you want, and select the buy now button. After paying you will be taken to a form specifically designed for the video that you chose. Complete the form and submit it. I will use the information to contact you and let you know that I have received your information You will be notified again by me once your video has been created, along with instructions on how to download it.

I am constantly updating the videos. If you are a member of my newsletter you will be notified as soon as I make an update… AND… Given a steep discount on the new video(s) before the rest of the public. If your not a member of my newsletter then you will have to check back frequently, and you will not get the discount that my members receive. (Get the message??? Join my newsletters!)

Logo Videos

Although you can use a “logo video” anyway you choose, most businesses use them at the beginning, or end of their videos. This gives your video a professional look and helps make your brand more memorable in the minds of the consumer. We are constantly adding more videos to each section.

You are responsible for uploading a high quality version of your logo to be used. Depending on which video you choose you may be asked to enter a slogan, email address or URL. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DOUBLE CHECK THE SPELLING. We WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any errors or misspellings.

Click here to view our selection of Logo Videos

Intro Video

Intro videos can be used to introduce sections of your video, or as a title card at the end of a video where you can give your website address, phone number etc. Check out what I have so far… Click here to view our selection of Intro Videos

Title Videos

Title videos are similar to intro videos and can pretty much be used for the same things. Take a look at the selection of title videos that I have and do not be afraid to get creative. Click here to view our selection of Title Videos.

Outro Videos

Outro videos are used at the end of your videos. Usually they have a call to action such as, share this video, give us a call, subscribe now, etc. I think you get the point. Check out what I have to offer thus far by clicking here.

Social Videos

Social videos are similar to call to action style videos. They are used to get someone to follow you on a particular social media network, or like your video or even leave a comment. They are added to the end of your video in most cases (that’s up to you). I use these videos a lot, and I am 100% sure you are going to love them. Click here to check out the social videos that I have so far.

Commercial Promo Videos

This is hands down, my favorite videos. The promo videos are high quality and can be used to promote your product(s) and or Service(s). Some of my clients have used these videos to run local television ads, Youtube, and I have made a ton of them for clients who advertise on various social media. It would cost you thousands of dollars to have this type of video created.

Click here to take a look at my promo videos.