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I am willing to go out on a limb and say, at least once a week some guru with magical powers approaches you about solving all of your marketing problems… am I right?

I use to be one of those guys… And let me tell ya… I felt like crap doing it. On top of that, I have always been an introverted type of person and making calls to people who didn’t want to talk to me made my skin crawl.

I never viewed myself as one of those guru salespeople. But it was either make the calls or be homeless. Needless to say, I chose to make the calls.

I stumbled by one of the most successful marketing strategies that I have ever tried. In fact, it worked 100% of the time.

This strategy alone is responsible for me having a waiting list of clients who want to do business with me. If you follow the strategy that I am about to share with you, it will also work for you 100% of the time.

Ok enough of the build up… I know you want to learn this incredible marketing strategy.

Here we go.

I help potential prospects solve their biggest marketing problems without ever asking them for anything in return.

It is at this point that your brain is probably saying… What kind of marketing strategy is that and…

Internet Marketing is the business owners best friend… IF… done correctly. It is a great way to increase leads without increasing the amount of time it takes to develop them. you can easily leveraging the power of Facebook advertisements, and posts (like patient testimonials, offers, and before and afters) which can be scheduled in advance (using a tool like Post Planner), limiting the amount of time someone needs to spend on them.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the multiple platforms available for social media advertising. I understand. That’s why I suggest making sure your information is correct on all of them.


The more places you have your business the better the chance of you being discovered by your prospects. As of the writing of this article Facebook is hands down the current king of the jungle. It is one of the first places people use for researching your business. If you Facebook page is blahyour prospective patients will think your entire practice is also blah. Keeping your page up-to-date with the correct information and regular posts will let people know your practice is alive and active.

Facebook is also a great source for generating dental leads as long as you build an irresistible offer funnel for the right audience.

What’s an irresistible offer funnel you ask?

Keep reading to find out…




First thing first… As I promised… Here’s the lowdown on what an email newsletter is and why your practice needs one.

Let me go a little deeper with how all of this works. I have a client that owns a gym and he found himself in the rat race so-called fitness experts. The majority of them took on the business model of “let’s see who can race to the bottle the fastest.” Fitness trainers kept cutting their prices to get clients.

I assure you… 100%… That is a formula for disaster and a guaranteed way to go out of business.

I can’t remember who said this, but the saying stuck in my head for years. It goes:

“If you cannot afford to be the cheapest in business, there is no strategic advantage of being the second cheapest. You mightiest well be the most expensive.”

The future of marketing is Intent Based Branding…

I created an intent-based branding campaign for the gym owner. We started by segmenting his target audience and selected one to start with.

It is a lot easier to develop a message for a focused group, with a focused message than it is to create a general message to a broader audience.

He and I developed a series of content-based videos solving a specific problem that his potential prospects where having. We released these videos over a two week period.

What happened next was amazing…

As we started releasing these videos the engagement started to grow. You could see where people would start to go back and look for the other videos. People were starting to like, comment, and share the videos.

At this point, we haven’t pitched anything or asked for a single dime. And yet we had people asking when was the next boot camp going to be, and how do they go about signing up.

We started making soft pitches at the end of the value based videos like this:

“A lot of people have been asking when was the next boot camp…  We haven’t nailed down a date yet, but I must warn you… My boot camps aren’t for everyone… They are expensive, and they are extremely intense. So if you aren’t serious about making a body transformation, I totally understand and no hard feelings…

What I recommend that you do is go to XYZ and register. Either myself or one of my staff will contact you and schedule a time for us to get together, and see if we are a match for one another, If we both agree, we will get you signed up and you will be in our next bootcamp.

If for any reason you feel that we are not a good match, then no hard feelings, I wish you all the best.”

This EXACT method can be applied to your dental practice, or any market for that matter.