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I Bet You Want To Know...

What is autopilot leads? It’s an automated chat system that is customized to “YOUR” business. When a person visits your website they are greeted by the autopilot chat system and a series of customizable questions are asked. These questions are geared to generate leads.

Do you want name and email addresses? No problem… Do you want mailing addresses? No problem!

I am still amazed with all the creative ways that businesses of all sizes are using this technology to generate leads.

I was so impressed when I first seen this technology, I had to add it to my arsenal of services. Boy was I right… I started off testing it on one of my personal e-commerce sites. Within a few hours of having it up I had generated my first lead. I WAS SHOCKED!!!!

I put together a little demo and e-mailed it to my newsletter subscribers.  I was so excited about making the demo and letting everyone see it in action, I never thought about how much to charge for the service.

I did a little research and discovered that there were other “LIVE” chat services that were charging $30 a month. But… There was a catch! The live chat services “ONLY” offer the service. YOU… are responsible for having someone man the service.

Let’s do a little basic math… If you wanted to hire someone (not including training) to man your live chat service 24 hours a day at $8.00 USD that would cost you $192 a day! Seven days a week would cost you $1,344.00 USD a day.

I don’t know about you… but to me that is a lot of money. I sent out another email to my list saying, “You Seen The Demo, Now See The Price”. I let my members take it for a test drive for 7 days… No tricks, or hidden strings… They didn’t even have to enter a credit card. If they didn’t like it we simply turned it off and life moved on. The majority loved it and was more than happy to pay the $199 USD a month.

I am offering you the EXACT same deal that I offered my personal list. Right now… as you are reading this… I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY! What I do want, is for you to try it out for 14 days! If you don’t like it for any reason… NO PROBLEM… I can turn it off from my end. Either way I appreciate you giving this amazing technology a try.

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