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I am pretty sure no one is going to argue the importance of using video in their business. The problem is you have to use videos that are most engaging to your target audience. In this article, I will share with you 7 of the most commonly used videos that your target audience will enjoy. Read this article and select the videos that work for you and implement them into your business as soon as possible.


  • Brand Videos – The goal of brand videos is to promote your company’s image. If done using intent brand marketing it will allow your target audience the chance to get to know you, like you and trust you. There are several styles to accomplish this goal, the two major type are selfie style videos and animated branding videos.
  • Educational or How-To Videos – How-to videos can be used to teach your target audience something new or build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your business and solutions.
  • Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos – Your prospects want to know that your product will solve their specific problem, and one of the best ways to showcase this and build trust is by creating case study videos that feature your happy and loyal customers. These are your best advocates. Get them on-camera describing their challenges and how your company helped them meet their goals.
  • Personalized Messages – Recording a video can be a creative way to continue a conversation or get the attention of someone who has not responded via email or another communication channel. Record yourself recapping an important meeting or giving personalized recommendations using a tool or service that you offer. These videos will be a delightful moment for your prospects and can drive them further down your purchasing funnel.
  • Demo Videos – Showcase how your product and or services work – whether that’s taking viewers on a tour of your software and its use cases or unboxing and putting a physical product to the test.
  • Explainer Videos – This type of video is used to help your audience better understand why they need your product and or service. Many explainer videos focus on a fictional journey of the company’s core buyer persona who is struggling with a problem. This person overcomes the issue by adopting or buying the business’s solution.

  • Animated Videos – Animated videos are meant to promote a key theme such as a special offer, or a hard to grasp a subject that may need strong visuals to explain. View it as being a higher end version of an explainer video.